Nevada Health Insurance for Self-Employed

Health Insurance for the self employed in Nevada offers many options. The most critical point with self-employed health insurance is the monthly cost as you are paying for your own coverage. The trend recently in self-employed health coverage has been high deductible plans and in particular, Health Savings Accounts - HSA's. This type of insurance plan allows low cost, comprehensive and catastrophic coverage with an added tax advantage. You can find more detail on the Health Savings account or continue below for important considerations when choosing self-employed health insurance in Nevada.

Key points for Self-Employed Individuals/Family health insurance in Nevada

Tax deductibility Self-Employed Individuals and Families are typically able to deduct 100% of their premium amount. Make sure to verify with your accountant for your particular situation.

High Deductible plans Since the self employed person is both paying the premium and receiving the benefits, it usually makes sense to look at a low cost, high deductible PPO plan that is comprehensive. Compare the annual savings in premium versus the Maximum out of Pocket possibility. If your savings in premium accounts for a sizable amount the potential out of Pocket maximum, then it might be a good decision. In a bad year (health wise), it's a wash. In a good to average year, you stand to save the annual premium difference. We would be happy to help with this health insurance comparison.

Qualifying for coverage The first decision for the self-employed to make is whether they can qualify for Individual/Family health insurance based on health. Individual - Family health insurance is medically underwritten which means you can be declined or have rates increased based on health. Small Group health insurance, however, is guaranteed issue as long as you qualify as a group. The main conditions to qualify are: having at least 2 people formally tied to the company (ownership or payroll), company pays at least 50% of the employee's premium; at least 75% of the eligible members go with the plan. Small Group potentially offers an option for self employed people who may not qualify for Individual coverage. We would be happy to help with this health insurance comparison.

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