Okay...so you've visited countless websites, received instant quotes and colorful benefit descriptions with enough small print to make you scream...WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN (and who writes this stuff)!!!

Well we didn't write it but after years of reading it, we have boiled down the various plans to 5 key elements...and if you understand just these points...you will be able to walk into the health insurance market with confidence (and a fair amount of sanity left).  

So before we get started, let's list the 5 points:

1. Doctor doctor...which doctors you can see and how that access is handled

2. Premium premium premium...are people paying too much to over-insure the small bills?? Let's see.

3. The Big What-if...the real reason you are buying health insurance...big bills

4. Pennies on the Nickel??...from the doctor visit to the broken leg - getting the real story on the small bills

5. RX dollars...prescription coverage going up up up

Now granted, there are tweaks and twists between the plans, but with the above 5 points, you already have 90% of it...the other 10% you can ask us.

So let's get started. HMO, PPO, EPO...what does it all mean. We will take a good look at what they are but more importantly...how they affect your care. Let's take a closer look... Next Page - Section 1 Doctor doctor