Nevada Dental Insurance

Dental insurance in Nevada can offer important coverage for individuals, families, small business and people with Medicare. Dental insurance typically is comes in HMO or PPO options and it often similar from carrier to carrier in both price and benefits. There are also indemnity type plans that allow access to any dentist but usually cost more. Dental insurance usually breaks down into three main areas:

1. Dental Preventative/Maintenance: This would include dental cleanings, x-rays and hygiene visits...usually twice per year per member. Most dental insurance plans have copays or no cost for these types of benefits.

2. Minor Dental procedures: This typically included extractions, fillings, and other simple dental procedures.

3. Major Dental procedures: This typically includes crowns, root canals, and root planing and other more complex dental procedures.

Some other important points on dental insurance plans in Nevada.

Orthodontic Coverage Some dental plans included orthodontic coverage usually in the form of a large discount (can run 50%).

Waiting Periods Dental insurance plans are usually not qualified based on health so anyone can be enrolled regardless of dental health. The trade-off is that there are usually waiting periods during which the plan will not pay for benefits until you have been on the plan for a period of time.

Maximum benefit Dental insurance plans typically have a maximum benefit they will pay out in a year.