Nevada Medicare Supplement Home Best Value

Medicare supplements are standardized by the government so there are two major criteria: Company stability and monthly premium. As an independent insurance broker, our main goal is to alert our clients to the best value taking in to consideration the above concerns.

The first question when choosing a company is stability

With any kind of insurance, what you buy today might not be what you have tomorrow. If an insurance carrier runs into financial trouble, they can increase rates, leave the area or business...either way you lose. In the next 3-5 years, a lot of carriers will have difficulties because of the increasing costs. Lifeguard just filed for Chapter 11. A strong carrier is the first concern. Stability of the company means rate stability and coverage reliability in the future.

The second question when choosing a Medicare supplements is RX

Do I want medication coverage? This single handedly affects the cost more any other consideration. If you want medication costs covered, then you would look at the H, I or J plan. If you do not, then most people choose the F plan. The only difference between the H,I and J for prescription coverage is the cap they will pay up to. All have a $250 deductible, after which they pay 50%. The H and I plan will pay up to $1,250/year. The J plan will pay up to $3,000/year. The H or I plan is a nice way to have some RX coverage at a lower cost. Keep in mind that Part D with Medicare is scheduled to start 2006 which will offer a prescription benefit.

IF you do not want prescription coverage.

The F plan is the most popular plan and best value.

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