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Medicare Supplement - Medigap health insurance offers many options in Nevada. You can easily get an instant quote for Medigap health plans or continue below for more valuable health insurance information for your Medicare Supplement options.

We have simplified the options to make things easier. This section is invaluable for anyone who wants to get down to the real differences with the Medicare Supplement options...85% of Medicare Supplement applicants choose the F plan...find out why here.

Responding to requests by our client for options to reduce prescriptions costs, we are happy to provide an answer. After researching the available options and upon recommendations from existing clients, we have found a Canadian pharmacy contact which should help to reduce medication costs up to 70%.

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What are Medicare Supplements? Medicare supplements are insurance plans designed to fill in the gaps of Medicare coverage.

Click here for the full benefit summary. Essentially, with your Part A and Part B, it works like an 80/20 plan with separate annual deductibles for hospital and physician charges. Notice that it does not cover what is increasingly the most expensive part of medical care...prescriptions.
What does each Supplement cover? There are standardized plans from A to J with increasing benefits (and monthly costs). A given company may choose to offer only some of the plans. You can click above under 'Plans' to see the benefits for Unicare of Nevada or Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nevada. Note:  Prescription coverage does not start until the H Plan.
When can I enroll? You need both your Part A and Part B with Medicare, typically when you turn 65 or leave a group plan after 65.
Why Unicare or Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Nevada? Unicare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nevada are the dominant carriers in our local market for Medicare Supplements. They have strong plan offerings that are not heavily weighed in HMOs.
How do I enroll? A completed application, your first payment, and Part A and Part B enrollment is all you need to enroll in a supplement. We can send you the free enrollment kit here.
What if I have health conditions? There are 6-month windows of guaranteed approval starting when you a) 65 and older, have Part A and newly secured Part B;  b) leave a group plan;  c) your current insurance carrier or plan leaves your area or you move to an area where it is no longer available. There are other cases but otherwise, you need to answer 'no' to the health questions on the application to be accepted.   You can request the application here to see if you can qualify.
More Information The Government's official Medicare site