Medical Insurance In Nevada
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Introduction to Nevada health insurance

The Nevada health insurance market is dynamic which is to be expected for our State.   There are many different Nevada health insurance plans available and it's important to have a good understanding of how they actually work.  The typical Nevada health insurance shopper comes in two different sizes typically.  Many people, especially these days, are changing their Nevada health plans either voluntarily or involuntarily.  Many individuals and families are coming off of Nevada group health insurance plans and comparing individual and family insurance plans against their expensive Cobra options.  Others are feeling the sting of rate increases on their existing Nevada health plans and they want to check and see what's available on the market.  Both are very valid these days and our goal is to give you the information you need to make a good decision in the Nevada health insurance market.   Let's take a look a few key items to keep in mind when you receive your Nevada health insurance quote. 

First, the plans break down into three main categories.  Although this is definitely a simplification, could we really make Nevada health insurance any more difficult to understand if we tried?  Sarcasm aside, the plans primarily break down into office copays which are generally not subject to the main deductible (except for HSA plans); medication coverage which may also be broken out separately and perhaps distinguish between generic and brand RX medication.  Finally, the other services are generally where the main deductible and out of pocket maximum comes into play.  In an nutshell, those are three big categories to look at when shopping for Nevada health insurance.  Now, a little more terminology to help you understand.

There are some basic terms that are common to Nevada health insurance.  Copays, Deductibles, Co-insurance, and Out-of-pocket max's are key to choosing the right Nevada health insurance plan.  The Copay is a fixed amount (say $30) that you will pay for a given service.  This is typically reserved for office consultations and RX prescriptions.  With some plans, the copays are not subject to the main deductible.  Deductibles are the amount that a subscriber must pay first before getting help.  The lower the deductible, the better for you, the subscriber.  Co-insurance is percentage you will pay as a share of medical expenses (usually after a deductible).  For example, if you see a 30% co-insurance amount in the Nevada health insurance quote we produce for you, this generally means that you will pay 30% of the PPO negotiated rate (for in-network providers) and the carrier will pay 70%.  We've save the most important piece for last.  The out of pocket limit. 

In today's world of ever increasing health care cost and matching rises in Nevada health insurance rates, the out of pocket limit becomes critical.  If we can impart this one fact, we will have set you on the right course.  In a given year, most people will probably be way under their deductible (since they're higher these days) or way over their out of pocket maximum since one night in a hospital can quickly run 10's of thousands of dollars.  You need to know when you will stop paying altogether and with most plans, that's the out of pocket max.  This and the monthly insurance premium become the critical "book-ends" of a well-chosen Nevada health insurance.  Let us help you find the right plan.